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A transformational experience to greater productivity

Performance Management & Leadership Coaching

Powerful tools and practices that help you hire smarter and engage your entire workforce with Associate Coach Joel Nedohin
Say goodbye to high turnover, low moral, and lack of high quality results.

We use data-driven assessments to empower organizations to select the right people for the right job, matching people to roles based on job-specific traits most important to be successful. Our scientifically validated assessments help reduce hiring and coaching bias, so organizations and people thrive.

Too many organizations are frustrated by 1) lack of proper job fit for their people and 2) knowing how to effectively engage and coach them to high performance.

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Joel is a Certified Leadership Coach Practitioner (CLCP) 

Meet your Performance & Leadership Coach

Joel Nedohin

Everyone contributes to the bigger picture of an organization, and Joel believes that leaders have a unique role in helping them find purpose at work.

His goal is to help them become more aware of their leadership abilities and to “see” everyone on their team through the right lens. 

Joel works with SCOPE clients to develop high performing organizations through proper Job Fit, exceptional job performance practices, Leadership Mastery and crafting Coaching & Development Plans using PXT Select™ research-driven tools. 

Poor talent decisions create a downward spiral that your organization cannot afford.

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Hire confidently. Discover next gen leaders.
Hire confidently. Discover next gen leaders.
Hire confidently. Discover next gen leaders.
Your Performance Management Solution

Effective evaluation requires objective data. The PXT Select assessment is a psychometric tool that measures and evaluates job-person fit to predict future success in any role.

SCOPE Leadership Development is an Authorized Partner of PXT Select™, a Wiley Brand.

Replicate Top Performers

1. Identify and assess top performers

2. Create a model for the job

3. Evaluate candidates against the model

Benefits of Good Job Fit

Reduced Cost

Increased Engagement

Decreased Turnover

Minimized Bias

Drives performance improvement

“The Job Fit approach accurately predicts job success more than any of the commonly accepted factors, such as education, experience, or training.”

- Harvard Business Review

One Assessment,
13 insightful reports

These hiring & performance management reports provide you with personalized, objective, and reliable data to make smart talent decisions and replicate your top performers. Available in English, French, and Spanish

Let’s build you an exceptional Performance Management model.

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Stage 1: Plan | We sit down together to learn about your organization.

Stage 2: Pilot Project | You test the tools and platform to see the impact firsthand.

Stage 3: Accelerate | Together we design a long-term performance model to replicate your top performers.

Are you ready to ensure good job fit and engage your entire workforce?

Eva Krahn-Richmond

Realtor, AB

Joel's coaching most certainly pulled me out of a place that I did not know how to get out of myself. I was not in a [...] good business place. Now we are on a good path.

Dorothy Young

genAG Inc., MB

"Working with Joel and SCOPE Leadership has always been a great experience. We recently started working with the PXT™ Model and I am so excited to use these assessments as an integral part of our decision-making process when it comes to team development, job planning, and mentoring our current staff; whether it be a member of the leadership team or someone who is starting their first day. 

Jeremy Wiens 

Realtor, MB

"It's been a fantastic experience! One of the challenges I faced before starting our Performance Coaching was a struggle with confidence in some areas. During session 2, we had a breakthrough that opened my eyes. While there's still work to be done, I'm grateful to continue walking through and navigating this breakthrough together!" 

Image by Denys Sudilkovsky

Pause. Transform. Level Up. Restart. 

Performance Coaching

For Leaders and Professionals

Performance coaching is a process designed to enhance your individual skills, capabilities, and overall performance in a particular area, whether it be personally, professionally or in leadership. It involves a collaborative and goal-oriented approach to help you reach your full potential and achieve your objectives. You will experience self-discovery and effective practical application to your role.

Online or in-person coaching options available. Inquire today to learn more. 

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