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​We know that nothing is possible without a well functioning team.

The SCOPE Team

Meet the people who make the work of SCOPE Leadership Development possible day in and day out. 
The SCOPE coaching team

We have a team of experienced leadership coaches who bring their unique backgrounds and leadership styles to the table.


Darrell lives in Niverville, Manitoba with his wife, Elaine and their family. However, his work frequently takes him across the country and the world.

SCOPE's founding coach

Darrell Kehler

Darrell is an SC style leader, which means he thrives in collaborative settings and excels at empowering leaders and celebrating your successes WITH you.

As an SC, Darrell blends care for people with getting things done right (empathy and objectivity). His steady approach makes him good at problem solving by seeing the big picture, building harmony, and working toward quality outcomes. This style means he approaches challenges in a composed and steady manner to seek the best outcomes for the group. He enjoys being a support to people and making them the hero.

With over 25 years of experience working globally with businesses, government, non-profits and faith-based organizations, Darrell’s personal approach, combined with an innate understanding of cultural and organizational dynamics, is exactly what your team needs to spark change and really excel in your industry. 

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Joel Nedohin (1).jpg

Joel lives on an acreage near Kleefeld, Manitoba with his wife, Ashley and their three young children.

Associate Coach

Joel Nedohin

Joel’s heart has always been in the people business. 

He has always been known as someone who attunes deeply, can share from his own life lessons, and see a way forward for those who don’t want to stay stuck. He has helped people find purpose through pastoral ministry as well helped to develop people, teams, and HR departments in the marketplace.


As an SI (and a unique strand of C), Joel cares about each person in the room, and how they contribute to the bigger picture of your organization. He has no problem getting a crowd riled up and having fun, yet keeping things structured and focused too. He believes leaders have a unique role in helping others find purpose at work and his goal is to help them become more aware of their leadership abilities and to “see” everyone on their team through the right lens.

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Marlene Loeppky_SCOPE.jpg

Marlene and her husband Ray live in Mitchell, MB,  with their adult children and their families all living close by.

Associate Coach

Marlene Loeppky

Marlene brings 30 plus years of leading in business, non-profits, and faith-based organizations.

Marlene’s iD style promotes bold action in organizations. Her enthusiasm and ability to bring a team together creates a collaborative environment where everyone’s contribution is valuable.


Life-long learning is one of Marlene's core values and she believes that the challenges we face teach us important lessons. Her strength is cheering people on and the belief that everyone can change the trajectory of their lives at work and at home.

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Ruben lives in Chihuahua, Mexico with his wife and family.

Associate Coach

Ruben Dyck

Ruben is uniquely passionate about financial health.

He hosts SCOPE workshops to empower participants towards financial peace. These workshops are offered in Spanish, English, and Plautdietsch.


As a C style, Ruben is detail-oriented and level headed.  His analytical mind and drive toward tangible outcomes ensures quality results!  He has a love of numbers, fluency in four languages, and a passion for helping people move ahead strategically.

Rich Falk_SCOPE Leadership Development.jpg

Rich is based in Winkler, MB with his family. He enjoys fishing, flying, farming, and riding his motorcycle.

Affiliate Coach

Rich Falk

Rich is an expert at helping organizations discern challenges and come out stronger on the other side.

He is a reliable, well-organized leader with a passion for adding value wherever he goes. As a CD, high standards and the ability to face challenges head-on, make him the perfect fit to provide SCOPE clients with tailored solutions for operational analysis and efficiency.

Rich has decades of experience in the ag sector, both from his family farm and from owning and managing agricultural businesses and equipment retail operations. His track record for improving operational efficiency and bringing organizations through difficult seasons of transition makes him a great asset to the SCOPE coaching team. 

The SCOPE support team

The work we do would not be possible without the people working behind the scenes to make it all happen.

Joyce H.jpg
Joyce Harnett

Administrative Assistant

DiSC Style: S

S stands for support, and that is precisely where Joyce excels. She happily lends a hand where needed, readily accommodates others, and is a dependable member of the team. Her warmth and open-mindedness are exactly what we need!

Lindsey Tober

Social Media Manager

DiSC Style: iD

Lindsey is motivated by people and will eagerly participate in whatever activity is on offer. Her D-style means she loves a good challenge, while her i-style leads her towards connection and collaboration with others. 

Elaine Kehler

Promotional Manager

DiSC Style: Di

Elaine creates adventure! Her enthusiasm, pioneering-spirit, and drive for results ensures that she is not afraid to face challenges while keeping things fun and relevant. This style helps Elaine to initiate change and connect effectively with a wide variety of people.

MEP_9268-2 (2)_edited_edited.jpg
Meagan Friberg

Media and Design

DiSC Style: DC

Meagan is a straight-shooter and is good at getting things done, taking initiative, and using her analytic skills to plan, set goals, and take on challenges. This style means she holds herself and those around her to high standards, approaches life with skepticism, and isn't afraid to ask tough questions.

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