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Our Story

About SCOPE Leadership Development

Founded in 2016 by Darrell Kehler

SCOPE serves businesses, non-profits, churches, and individuals who seek to develop stronger leadership and healthier teams.

Based in Manitoba, Canada

We work across Canada, as well as in Mexico, Belize, and Bolivia.

Our workshops are offered in English, Spanish, and Plautdietsch.

A small business with a big scope.

The biggest part of what we do is facilitate interactive workshops that impact individuals and transform the culture of your workplace.

Darrell first came across the DiSC theory while living in Bolivia. The year was 1999. The presentation was in Spanish. 

Darrell sat there. He listened while a leadership coach from Venezuela spoke on how personality types influence leadership behavior. While hearing the presentation, immersed in this diverse, cross-cultural space, it struck him -  So much of what we brush off as generic 'cultural differences' can be solved with a proper understanding of personality dynamics. Understanding yourself and your teammates is the first step towards a positive work culture. 

It was from this realization that Darrell went on to launch SCOPE in 2016. Since then, SCOPE has hosted workshops in three languages, five countries, and with people from all walks of life. The workshops SCOPE offers are geared toward empowering you and your organization towards better team alignment, more effective management practices, and improved workplace productivity.  


Darrell Kehler

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meet SCOPE's founder
Darrell is an SC style leader, which means he thrives in collaborative settings and excels at empowering leaders and celebrating your successes WITH you.

As an SC, Darrell blends care for people with getting things done right (empathy and objectivity). His steady approach makes him good at problem solving by seeing the big picture, building harmony, and working toward quality outcomes. This style means he approaches challenges in a composed and steady manner to seek the best outcomes for the group. He enjoys being a support to people and making them the hero.

Darrell lives in Niverville, Manitoba with his wife, Elaine and their family. However, his work frequently takes him across the country and the world.

We know that nothing is possible without a well functioning team.

Meet the people who make the work of SCOPE Leadership possible day in and day out. 

Elaine Kehler

Office Manager

DiSC Style: Di

Elaine creates adventure! Her enthusiasm, pioneering-spirit, and drive for results ensures that she is not afraid to face challenges while keeping things fun and relevant. This style helps Elaine to initiate change and connect effectively with a wide variety of people.

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Ruben Dyck

Associate Coach

DiSC Style: C

As a C style, Ruben is detail-oriented and level headed.  His analytical mind and drive toward tangible outcomes ensures quality results!  He has a love of numbers, fluency in four languages, and a passion for helping people move ahead strategically.

MEP_9268-2 (2)_edited_edited.jpg
Meagan Friberg

Media and Design

DiSC Style: DC

Meagan is a straight-shooter and is good at getting things done, taking initiative, and using her analytic skills to plan, set goals, and take on challenges. This style means she holds herself and those around her to high standards, approaches life with skepticism, and isn't afraid to ask tough questions.

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