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You know your industry.

We know the power of a well functioning team.

SCOPE offers interactive workshops, coaching, and consulting.

Change is not easy, but we know that it's possible. That's why SCOPE comes alongside organizations like yours with proven, research-backed tools to empower you and your team to understand one another on a deeper level. 


This means when you leave a SCOPE workshop you'll hit the ground running to do what you do best. Only better. 

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Meet Founding Coach

Darrell Kehler

Darrell doesn't walk into a room ready to tell you what you're doing wrong.

He enters excited to point out your potential. He's ready to listen, willing to ask the right questions, and will leave you with powerful tools in your belt to lead your business successfully.

We offer detailed personalized assessments -

- with insights specific to each team member.


You'll receive feedback on the unique makeup of your team (and how to better get along with that one co-worker that *just doesn't get it.*  Here's a secret - they may just have a different style of thinking. 

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Fixing Electricity Lines
​Our workshops are designed to create better leaders

Healthy leadership is essential to every great team.


Our Leader-oriented workshops equip you to use your influence effectively and understand your unique strengths and potential blind spots. 

Our interactive sessions keep teams engaged

SCOPE workshops deliver the kind of Ah-ha moments that you can't miss.


We ask questions. We get you talking to each other. And you leave with a totally new understanding of the people sitting around the boardroom table with you each week. 

We believe great leadership isn't about figuring out who is better. It's about understanding how our differences create stronger teamwork.
Dorothy Young

genAG Inc., Manitoba

"The DiSC assessment showed me how everyone can improve the company culture by realizing what motivates others in the workplace. The wealth of knowledge and different perspectives I got to learn through working with SCOPE Leadership will forever be ingrained in the way I do business."

Wendi Park

 Executive Director, CareImpact

"Darrell understands people; He understands organizational development; and he comes with an open mind and creative approach to helping us succeed."

Michael Krahn

Lead Pastor, Aylmer EMMC

"This was by far the most productive retreat I've ever been a part of. We are looking forward to building on what we started."

Performance Management & Coaching
with Associate Coach, Joel Nedohin

Cultivate a high-performance work culture with accurate hires, low turnover, and top-notch employee satisfaction.

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